Saturday, April 04, 2015


The 24th edition of the Azlan Shah Cup gets underway in Ipoh from April 5-12.

But rather then provide information, the organisers have opted for a cold shoulder treatment to this website which has provided comprehensivecoverage over the past four years.

Request for information such as team lists and other tournament info has been ignored making it tough to get in touch with coaches to get their views on team chances.

Rather then fret over what is largely an incompetent organisation that runs plagiarised stories on their website, we will strive to do our best to provide coverage for the thousands of fans out there.

National associations and hockey writers can lift our stories but please credit accordingly so that those paid mega bucks will not lay claim that it was their effort.

So follow us at the website and Twitter to get the best coverage of the event.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Eight individuals have been shortlisted for interview for the position of the National Sports Council Director General.

The interviews will be held next Tieday with a decision made by Thursday when the NSC Board holds its meeting.

According to insiders, the interviews are to be conducted by the Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin himself and he is expected to table the decision to the NSC Board as provided for the NSC Act 1971.

Among those shortlisted are current SportsCommissioner Ahmad Shapawi Ismail, former Sports Ministry Secretary General Salim Parlan, Ireland Badminton CEO Richard Vaughan and National Foitball Development Program board member Dr. Hamdan Ali.

The other four candidates are said to be academicians 

For the position of High Prrformance Director,  among those who applied is Damien  Kelly who headed the Doha 2006 Program.

However the interviews for that position will only be held in January.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Malaysian player, Lee Chong Wei, has been provisionally suspended by the Badminton World Federation due to an apparent anti-doping regulation violation.
The world-governing body has imposed this suspension due to an Adverse Analytical Finding of a sample taken at the BWF World Championships in August. The BWF has referred the matter to the BWF Doping Hearing Panel and, in due course, the Chair of the Panel will set the time, date and location of a hearing. The Panel will determine whether or not the athlete has committed an anti-doping regulation violation.
In accordance with Clause 14.4.1 of the BWF Anti-Doping Regulations, and following the imposition of the provisional suspension, the BWF and the member association – the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) – are now able to publicly identify the player involved in this matter.
The Provisional Suspension (Clause 7.6.2) means the athlete is barred temporarily from participation in any competition prior to the BWF Doping Hearing Panel’s decision.  
There will be no further comment from the BWF regarding this matter until the BWF Doping Hearing Panel makes its determination.
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Monday, November 10, 2014


Part 2 of Worldwide Exclusive

Having shared his thoughts last Saturday, world number 1 Lee Chong Wei now shares on how he is coping with the entire episode with Satwant Singh Dhaliwal.

In this second exclusive interview, Chong Wei reveals his appreciation to fans and media and also to those helping him in these trying times.

Kindly note that I neither work nor am employed by Chong Wei but am a close friend since 2000. We share conversations and I have his permission to write these articles.

Lee Chong Wei is handling all the pressure the best way he can. By hitting the courts and working it off.

Resigned to the fact that he needs to allow the experts compile his case against the doping allegation, the World Number 1 has not allowed the episode to affect him physically.

"I am back on the court training and also do my physical conditioning daily as life has to go on as I await the decision made by BWF," said Chong Wei.

"It has been more then a month since this episode began and I have decided to concentrate on training and maintain my fitness level.

"I am truly grateful to all the messages of support and also thank the media for respecting my wish for privacy.

"Hence I am training at a private facility and my friends help spar with me in order to keep me company.

"I guess with my provisional suspension it's the best arrangement that I stay away from the national training centre."

Chong Wei reiterated his confidence in Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin to help overcome this episode.

"At times I ask myself how this could happen to me given the fact that I am very careful with what I consume," added Chong Wei.

"My focus now is on saving my playing career and towards that I leave my fate in the hands of the experts to help prepare my case.

"It is an emotional roller coaster but as I said the best therapy for me is hitting the shuttle on the court."

Chong Wei added that he was hoping for a positive outcome.

"As I said before I have done nothing wrong and I maintain my innocence," he added.

"Thus its best that I do what I do best - get back on to the court and train and hope things work out for the best."

Note: No part of this article is to be reproduced either in parts or in writing without the written permission of the author Satwant Singh Dhaliwal. Kindly credit the blog should permission be granted in writing.

Saturday, November 08, 2014


In what is a world wide exclusive, the number one shuttler in the world Lee Chong Wei breaks his silence as he shares his thoughts with Malaysian Sports Blogger Satwant Singh Dhaliwal on the alleged doping scandal that has plagued him.

This article is based on a series on conversations held before and after the B Sample was tested and the results are yet to be made public.

Read on....

"My knees wobbled and I could neither stand nor sit down as I read the letter notifying me that I had failed a doping test," said Chong Wei, his voice choking with emotion.

"I saw my entire life flash by me, the whole last 15 years just going up in smoke. I was devastated and just did not know what to do.

"I have never cheated not even made any attempt to cheat thus this was like a bolt of lightening, destroying everything I had worked so hard for.

"I am a firm believer of hard work and effort to achieve success so such an allegation left me speechless and dumbfounded."

Chong Wei said that it was his wife Wong Mew Choo that suggested that they take a break overseas to clear his mind and also leave it to the authorities to get into the bottom of the matter.

"The Sports Minister took charge personally and for that I am grateful as he guided me and gave me good advice on how to handle matters," added Chong Wei.

"I was informed that the drug was last injected into me on July 18 and how the traces were still there in August is something I cannot explain.

"Suffice to say I never took any drugs beyond those prescribed to me and deny any suggestions that I resort to traditional herbs that contain banned substance.

"I went through an out of competition test on August 15and it was all clear. So it is indeed a mystery why this substance was found in my system in August 30."

The national icon said that many a time he had wanted to come out and make a public statement but opted to wait till the B sample was tested.

"I hope the public understands my position and situation. I must reiterate that everything is being done to clear the air and to get to the root of the problem," added Chong Wei.

"I went to Oslo to observe the B sample bottle being opened and go through the documentation to satisfy myself.

"I know the possibility of it being different is remote but it is a procedure that needs to be done.

"All my medications, treatment records and supplements are being treated by the authorities who hope to find out how the substance was still in my system more then a month after I last received the injection for treatment of my thigh injury."

Though it looks bleak, Chong Wei is hoping that BWF will evaluate all evidence presented should the B sample be positive as well.

There has been speculation that Chong Wei could either receive a severe reprimand or be suspended for a period of six months.

A six month suspension will mean that shuttler will lose some 43,000 out of his 97,000 odd current ranking points and he will slip to a world ranking of 15-18 by March 2015.

"We will cross the bridge when we come to it I guess," added Chong Wei.

"At the moment I am confined to my house and have not even thought of returning to the courts yet.

"There are so many unanswered questions and I hope to clear my name soon.

"I never cheated nor will I ever rely on banned substances."

And the entire world badminton fraternity can only pray that things end up well for Chong Wei.

Failing which the Road to Rio will merely remain an illusion for Malaysia to win its first ever gold medal at the Olympics.

Note; No part of this article is to be reproduced in any form, written or expressed without the consent of the author.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014


It was supposed to be the curtain raiser for what is said to be the most important domestic hockey competition in the country.

In reality it was a case of same shit different day as far as the manner in which the match was held.

Put aside that the quality was low but the entire organizational structure of the match revealed that the MHC is only concerned in wearing corporate shirts and basking in glory to project individuals who are vying for seats in the forthcoming elections.

It was a good gesture that MHC honored former national coach C. Para malignant with a cake for his 80th birthday. But where is the consistency?

The legendary William Fidellis turned 80 last week and the boys from NS Sikh Union held a birthday bash for him, and not even the Negeri HA or MHC did anything for person who spent his major part of his life contributing to hockey with his two sons Derek and Gary even donning national colours.

Some sikh boys appreciated the efforts of William but the NSHA officials were basking in glory at national level, with a could not care less attitude about what's happening in their own backyard!

Back to the charity shield and in the 90's the match saw even umpires paying RM1 to gain entry to the stadium for the match as the money raised went to a selected charity.

But today MHC can not even get fans to the stadium let alone do something charitable.

That goes on to show that it was just a parade to show sponsors that branding was done, match was played and wide grins all around.

Who cares if the performances on the pitch was akin to azalea KL league match, with extra officials and players sitting on steps next to team benches!

Let the circus move on, the big top has perched it's tent as the clowns rule the day.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014


There used to be a TV series titled the Band of Brothers.

Perhaps that was how the notion to build a group called Brotherhood was formed within the confines of the national hockey body.

This revelation surfaced lately after the Commonwealth Games debacle and although MHC had formed a panel to investigate the issues that caused the last placing in the World Cup, the report was never made public.

It seems that the Brotherhood, backed by a senior official conspired to rid the national coach of his responsibilities and had the clout to determine who coached them to the Asian Games.

Such was their strength that they could even get to determine who replaces who in the national set up.

And is the country so short of talent that we needed to bring in a foreigner as an Assistant Coach?

The fact is there is a mastermind behind all these and that person stooped so low to destroy the national agenda so as to enhance his position.

It was the "kampung" mentality that is the cancer of Malaysian Hockey and unless stemmed, the rule of "Brotherhood" will continue to prevail.

The fact that some top civil servants have also given backing to this grand plan is worrying as hockey is headed to a dark dimension with no light at the end of the tunnel.

There is no place for honest hardworking and passionate individuals as the Brotherhood has virtually done the same as the infamous 102 group that surfaced many years ago.

And do the states care? As so long as they can fill the President's ears with far fetched tales of deceit and contempt about some individuals, they warm the seats.

By the way what has happened to all the show cause letters issued to the former national coach, the two Vice Presidents and the star striker?

One player who turned his back on the nation was even given a release to play in the Hong Kong league when his reasons were "rest" to stay out of the team.

Whoever issued the release should be issued a show cause letter.

Or will someone else be issued a show cause for not acting on these show causes?

Or is it a case of "close one eye". 


It is understood that in an unprecedented move, Sports Minister has decided on open recruitment for the job of DG MSN. Khairy has spoken to the Chief Secretary to the Government to see if he can advertise for applicants openly. Something rarely done for heads of government agency. "The open recruitment process will ensure only the most qualified will apply and be interviewed," said a source at KBS. This means even internal candidates will be put through a rigorous interview process. And there may be surprised from outside the system from the private sector. Asked about internal candidates, "Of course Shapawi is a front runner given his years of experience at MSN. But he will have to apply just like anyone else. If he gets the job, it will be because he made the best case during the interview process."

Monday, August 18, 2014


Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah dropped a bombshell when he announced that he will not seek re-election as MHC President after his term expires this October.

But he will still seek election into the post of AHF President on August 31, citing moving to a bigger ship instead of abandoning a sinking ship/

He also disp[elled suggestions that approaches have been made to a Johor royalty to tale his place in MHC.

See the video to decide for yourself...

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Ambitious. That is the best way to describe the efforts of a large number of Malaysian Hockey Confederation officials who are vying for positions in the Asian Hockey Confederation.

The AHF elections are scheduled for August 31 in Kuala Lumpur.

The MHC president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah will be vying for the post of President. He is expected to be challenged by Pakistan"s Qasim Zia who is also on the FIH Executive Board.

Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad will contest the Vice President position. There are four posts up for grabs but one is reserved for a lady.

The front runners for the VP position is Berikzay Seksembav of Kazakhstan and Thailand's Chaiyapak Siriwat. But it is learnt that India's Narinder Bhatra will not seek re-election and neither will Japan's M.Ueda due to the age regulation of 70 being imposed.

While another strong contender will come from the East Asian region comprising of Japan, China and South Korea .

A total of five Vice Presidents will be elected.

Prof Dr.S. Shamala, Manjit Majid and Dato Abd Rahim Md Arif are three candidates who are eying a seat on the AHF council. Shamsla and Rahim are incumbents in the 12 member elected council.

The irony is that most of the Malaysian candidates hardly have done anything for the betterment of hockey in the country but that has not stopped them from trying to eye a bigger role in Asian Hockey.

Perak has not held their AGM for the past four years and thus Rahim should spend time sorting out the mess in his state rather then going for another term.

Azmi should have opted for a council seat as there is a pact between some of the incumbents and thus Shamala would be a better candidate as she could win easily the women's vice presidents eat.