Thursday, October 30, 2014


It was supposed to be the curtain raiser for what is said to be the most important domestic hockey competition in the country.

In reality it was a case of same shit different day as far as the manner in which the match was held.

Put aside that the quality was low but the entire organizational structure of the match revealed that the MHC is only concerned in wearing corporate shirts and basking in glory to project individuals who are vying for seats in the forthcoming elections.

It was a good gesture that MHC honored former national coach C. Para malignant with a cake for his 80th birthday. But where is the consistency?

The legendary William Fidellis turned 80 last week and the boys from NS Sikh Union held a birthday bash for him, and not even the Negeri HA or MHC did anything for person who spent his major part of his life contributing to hockey with his two sons Derek and Gary even donning national colours.

Some sikh boys appreciated the efforts of William but the NSHA officials were basking in glory at national level, with a could not care less attitude about what's happening in their own backyard!

Back to the charity shield and in the 90's the match saw even umpires paying RM1 to gain entry to the stadium for the match as the money raised went to a selected charity.

But today MHC can not even get fans to the stadium let alone do something charitable.

That goes on to show that it was just a parade to show sponsors that branding was done, match was played and wide grins all around.

Who cares if the performances on the pitch was akin to azalea KL league match, with extra officials and players sitting on steps next to team benches!

Let the circus move on, the big top has perched it's tent as the clowns rule the day.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014


There used to be a TV series titled the Band of Brothers.

Perhaps that was how the notion to build a group called Brotherhood was formed within the confines of the national hockey body.

This revelation surfaced lately after the Commonwealth Games debacle and although MHC had formed a panel to investigate the issues that caused the last placing in the World Cup, the report was never made public.

It seems that the Brotherhood, backed by a senior official conspired to rid the national coach of his responsibilities and had the clout to determine who coached them to the Asian Games.

Such was their strength that they could even get to determine who replaces who in the national set up.

And is the country so short of talent that we needed to bring in a foreigner as an Assistant Coach?

The fact is there is a mastermind behind all these and that person stooped so low to destroy the national agenda so as to enhance his position.

It was the "kampung" mentality that is the cancer of Malaysian Hockey and unless stemmed, the rule of "Brotherhood" will continue to prevail.

The fact that some top civil servants have also given backing to this grand plan is worrying as hockey is headed to a dark dimension with no light at the end of the tunnel.

There is no place for honest hardworking and passionate individuals as the Brotherhood has virtually done the same as the infamous 102 group that surfaced many years ago.

And do the states care? As so long as they can fill the President's ears with far fetched tales of deceit and contempt about some individuals, they warm the seats.

By the way what has happened to all the show cause letters issued to the former national coach, the two Vice Presidents and the star striker?

One player who turned his back on the nation was even given a release to play in the Hong Kong league when his reasons were "rest" to stay out of the team.

Whoever issued the release should be issued a show cause letter.

Or will someone else be issued a show cause for not acting on these show causes?

Or is it a case of "close one eye". 


It is understood that in an unprecedented move, Sports Minister has decided on open recruitment for the job of DG MSN. Khairy has spoken to the Chief Secretary to the Government to see if he can advertise for applicants openly. Something rarely done for heads of government agency. "The open recruitment process will ensure only the most qualified will apply and be interviewed," said a source at KBS. This means even internal candidates will be put through a rigorous interview process. And there may be surprised from outside the system from the private sector. Asked about internal candidates, "Of course Shapawi is a front runner given his years of experience at MSN. But he will have to apply just like anyone else. If he gets the job, it will be because he made the best case during the interview process."

Monday, August 18, 2014


Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah dropped a bombshell when he announced that he will not seek re-election as MHC President after his term expires this October.

But he will still seek election into the post of AHF President on August 31, citing moving to a bigger ship instead of abandoning a sinking ship/

He also disp[elled suggestions that approaches have been made to a Johor royalty to tale his place in MHC.

See the video to decide for yourself...

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Ambitious. That is the best way to describe the efforts of a large number of Malaysian Hockey Confederation officials who are vying for positions in the Asian Hockey Confederation.

The AHF elections are scheduled for August 31 in Kuala Lumpur.

The MHC president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah will be vying for the post of President. He is expected to be challenged by Pakistan"s Qasim Zia who is also on the FIH Executive Board.

Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad will contest the Vice President position. There are four posts up for grabs but one is reserved for a lady.

The front runners for the VP position is Berikzay Seksembav of Kazakhstan and Thailand's Chaiyapak Siriwat. But it is learnt that India's Narinder Bhatra will not seek re-election and neither will Japan's M.Ueda due to the age regulation of 70 being imposed.

While another strong contender will come from the East Asian region comprising of Japan, China and South Korea .

A total of five Vice Presidents will be elected.

Prof Dr.S. Shamala, Manjit Majid and Dato Abd Rahim Md Arif are three candidates who are eying a seat on the AHF council. Shamsla and Rahim are incumbents in the 12 member elected council.

The irony is that most of the Malaysian candidates hardly have done anything for the betterment of hockey in the country but that has not stopped them from trying to eye a bigger role in Asian Hockey.

Perak has not held their AGM for the past four years and thus Rahim should spend time sorting out the mess in his state rather then going for another term.

Azmi should have opted for a council seat as there is a pact between some of the incumbents and thus Shamala would be a better candidate as she could win easily the women's vice presidents eat.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association were dealt a bitter blow as their president George Koshy resigned yesterday.

Having served the association for six years as President, the decision by Koshy comes in wake of the MHC Council decision to replace him as the team manager to the Asian Games in September.

Koshy when contacted confirmed the fact that he has decided to step down as the KLHA president.

"My work commitments has been increasing and I cannot find enough time to devote to my duties as President of KLHA," said Koshy.

"I had already informed the KLHA numerous times that I do not intend to seek re-election in the forthcoming AGM which is scheduled for early next year.

"This will give KLHA time to find someone else to take over the mantle."

When asked if his decision had anything to do with the MHC decision to replace him as the national team manager, Koshy had this to say.

"Not at all for they have taken a load of my shoulder by naming another manager.

"I had my up's and downs with the national team which I managed since 2009, enjoyed every moment and am  so damn happy we finally made the World Cup, which a small step to moving back to the mainstream of the hockey world but guess making  to the Olympics during my term was not meant to be .

"I wish them well in the forthcoming Asian Games."

While Koshy would not say it, the fact was obvious that the man who provided a new dimension In managing hockey teams was not even told prior to him being replaced as national team manager for the Asian Games.

The KLHA council who are expected to meet next Monday are said to be bent on rejecting the resignation.

But Koshy is adamant that he wants to leave.

"My time is up and let someone else take KL hockey to greater heights," were the parting words of Koshy.

Monday, August 11, 2014


In what can be labelled a conspiracy made in hell, the Malaysian Hockey Confederation decided to replace their national hockey team coach just 40 days before the Asian Games.

And in an about turn, the gold medal target, so strongly advocated in the past has now been reduced to a [lace in the final of the Asian Games, something that will not make a difference as on;y the gold medal winner makes it to the 2016 Olympics.

MHC named Arul Selvaraj as the head, given powers to pick his own assistants while Tai Beng Hai was named as the manager, thus casting a doubt on the future of George Koshy as well.

Listen to the full press conference and decide if Malaysian Hockey heads for a free fall as answers are evasive.

Monday, August 04, 2014


While crynics continue with their barrage of criticism of the national hockey team, life goes on for them in their preparation for the Asian Games.

A total of 25 players are expected to leave for Holland on August 11 for a three week training stint and will return to Malaysia on September 2.

The plan is to have these players train and play some competence matches to prepare them for the Asiad where gold is the target and a place in the 2016 Rio Olympics that cones with it.

" As of today we are still proceeding with the plan for the three week training camp in Holland," said team manager George Koshy.

"We received approval in principle last month from both the MHC and NSC and proceeded by finalizing the arrangementsfor it .

"Unless otherwise advised, we hope to name the players by the end of the week as they will be the ones fighting for a place for the final squad for the Asian Games."

The team will be based at HC ijsseloever in ijsselstein during the three weeks in Holland.

With the Razak Cup scheduled for August 15 to 24, those named will not be able to represent their respective states.

Friday, August 01, 2014


It was today a year  ago that fate dealt Malaysian hockey a bitter blow as Marcus Chua Boon Huat died tragically in a road accident.

His death sent shockwaves, with many still being unable to come to terms that the life of a person, loved by so many was snatched away all of a sudden.

While the family has tried to overcome the loss of their loved one, Malaysian hockey has somewhat struggled to fill the shows of the pony tailed smiling Chinese boy that hailed from Malacca.

Chua had a mission, and that was to see Malaysia play in the World Cup, and although he was not there in The Hague last May, there is no doubt that Chua played a vital role in ensuring Malaysia play their first World Cup since 1998 on merit.

Chua gave his all when on the pitch, never one to pull punches, and if only the current batch of national players can for a moment stop and reflecy on how the famous Number 3 conducted himself on the pitch, will they play their hearts out.

Chua had a tattoo “Living The Dream” inscribed on his arm but today Malaysian hockey is “Living in the dreams”.

Ask any hockey fan, player or official, they all have kind words to say about Chua, and he deserved every accolade that was showered upon him as he left the world to be with his creator.

There is an important lesson that all connected with Malaysian hockey can learn from Chua, for he was one person that never gave up or threw the towel no matter how impossible the task looked.

Chua was left out of the national team for reasons best known to some but he strived to prove critics wong, never begrudged anyone as he worked hard on the pitch doing what he did best, let his hockey do the talking.

And Chua was instrumental in the national team that finished fifth in the World League in June last year in Johor Baru that eventually paved the way for Malaysia to play in the 2014 World Cup.

Today Malaysian hockey is divided with many factions, all pulling in the opposite direction, with personalities [utting their self interest over the nations.

Chua is probably looking at all that is transpiring from God’s home, shaking his head in disbelief that what was a smooth ride a year ago has now ended tragically.

{ersonally I miss Chua, for his death coming weeks after I lost my Mum last year created a big vacuum in my life, for Chua was someone who would call and seekadvice on what to do when put in a situation.

Chua, there is one humble request from all of us to you, put in a good word to the almighty for Malaysian hockey needs divine intervention since you are notaround personally to help us be back on the right track.

Rest in peace brother, we all miss you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Malaysia will compete in the Champions Challenge in Kuantan next month. We are publishing the fixtures as the MHC and Pahang HA have been awfully quiet on this, perhaps keeping things for a big press conference when really this type of information should be readily available to their website, that has been in a long slumber